Are your customers looking for the perfect covering for a parking garage or a modern office design? Our architectural mesh is the right choice in both cases! Robust enough for any outdoor project and adding visual value to every room, our mesh is a real allrounder – and it is therefore used in a wide variety of commercial properties.

Pelger's architectural wire cloth is ideal for a great variety of commercial uses as a result of its functional and robust qualities. But wire cloth is also used as a modern design element adding an attractive aspect to many construction projects. Opportunities for use can be found in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Innenräume mit Metallgewebe in Gewerbeimmobilien

Our architectural wire mesh permits entirely new design options at the same time as meeting high functional requirements.

One option for use is as a divider for rooms, passageways or staircases. Even for safety-related purposes such as creating partitions for display windows and shop fronts, this robust stainless steel mesh is particularly suitable.

Fassadengestaltung mit metallgeflecht Gewerbeimmobilien

As a result of the many different requirements which can be fulfilled using architectural wire cloth, it is particularly suitable for commercial use. The cloth is not only a visual highlight, it also offers impressive functional benefits.

Cladding for external façades is the most frequent form in which it is used. This serves to protect the building and simultaneously increases its appeal.