Particularly for use indoors, Pelger's architectural wire cloth offers many different options for use in commercial buildings. Its modern and attractive visual aspect is as impressive as its functional and robust qualities.

The metal cloth can be used in this way as a stylish room divider to separate office or commercial spaces and to provide soundproofing. This versatile material can also be used as a ceiling covering or in building passageways. One frequent use for wire cloth in commercial buildings is also in staircases where it can be used in large areas instead of classic banisters; it is even capable of rendering this rather unattractive area of a building attractive. The robust qualities of the stainless steel mesh come particularly to the fore where shop security is concerned: Partitions can be created between display windows and shop fronts and the rest of the shop using architectural wire cloth. Shop-fitting and trade fair construction are also typical environments in which architectural wire cloth can be used.

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The options for using architectural wire cloth in both residential buildings and commercial buildings are very diverse. Here you will find an overview of the various options for use.