Architectural wire cloth is considered a trendy material for modern interior design in the living area of residential buildings. Today, interior design often relies upon combining a stylish ambiance and practical user benefits. Pelger wire cloth can meet this exacting standard thanks to innovative possibilities where solutions are concerned.

The possibilities for using wire cloth in residential buildings are very varied in the indoor area. Rooms can be divided using wire cloth, which also simultaneously creates optical highlights. Banisters which are fitted with wire cloth improve the look of living spaces and staircases while simultaneously providing a safety feature. The option to coat wire cloths in all different colours also ensures that it can be integrated into almost any interior design. Bathroom planning is a particularly interesting place to use wire cloth: in stylishly furnished bathrooms in residential buildings, architectural wire cloth can be used for creating shower compartments, for example, thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance.

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The options for using architectural wire cloth in both residential buildings and commercial buildings are very diverse. Here you will find an overview of the various options for use.