We are the leading supplier of wire belts for industrial purposes. We provide a wide product range in order to guarantee optimal solutions, with a variety of wire types for particular loads and conveying systems. Our products are used globally in various branches of industry and are always adapted to suit the individual needs of our customers. Our range of wire mesh types and experience with special solutions combine to produce a unique portfolio. And that's not all: we offer high-quality wire belt conveyors to suit our wire belts, thereby providing our customers with optimally tailored complete solutions from a single source. The result? Unique, total solutions, the ideal answer to every requirement; satisfied customers.

In addition to conveyor belts and the field of production, in recent years our wire mesh has also established its presence in architecture: as an optically high-quality design option for indoor as weil as outdoor use. Alongside complete solutions in the field of wire belts, we can therefore also provide that unique detail to your real estate or construction and installation facilities - with the same levels of flexibility and quality as a matter of course. Curious? Then get to know us!