Wire belts and wire mesh belt conveyor

for industry and production

We have been producing wire belts and wire belt conveyors since 1986. Besides being used as conveyor belts in the production line, for example in the baking industry, wire meshes of different types and sizes are increasingly being used for architectural purposes. 

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Architectural wire clothes

For architecture and design

"Architectural wire clothes" are usually made of stainless steel and are therefore highly durable. Available in widths of up to 6000 mm and almost any length, even the largest of areas can be cladded without seams. Wire mesh belts are suitable for both private and industrial construction projects.

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We are the leading supplier of wire belts for industrial purposes. We provide a wide product range in order to guarantee optimal solutions, with a variety of wire types for particular loads and conveying systems. Our products are used globally in various branches of industry and are always adapted to suit the individual needs of our customers. 

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