Screen Printing Process for Architectural Wire Cloth

Whether as façade cladding or privacy screens, room dividers or fall protection - the areas of application for architectural mesh are almost unlimited. And the design variants in indoor and outdoor areas also allow plenty of scope for individual wishes: because not only can the various types of mesh from Pelger with their different weaves, spirals and crossbars be individually selected, but the option of screen printing for wire mesh also offers an infinite number of aesthetic possibilities.

Motivic freedom thanks to screen printing process
Architectural wire mesh can, but need not, be characterized primarily by the nature of the material: Because wire mesh from Pelger can be personalized with the help of the screen printing process. Almost any motif can be printed on the wire mesh to achieve an individual appearance in all conceivable colors and motifs.

The possible uses for motif-printed architectural wire mesh are as varied as the motifs themselves: For example, the company logo can suddenly serve as a high-quality privacy screen. Or the personal favorite photo of the vacation adorns the own four walls - large-scale and excitingly printed on wire cloth.

For public buildings, the motif-coated wire mesh can be used as a room divider - as shown in the first photo. A separate area is separated in an aesthetically high-quality and exciting way. At the same time, the privacy screen blends harmoniously into the overall look of the interior.

The second photo also shows a special application: In the office of our customer, a graffiti was printed on the wire mesh, creating a unique wall covering. There are no limits to your own creativity!

Architectural wire cloth for the highest demands and flexible design possibilities - that's what Pelger stands for. Based in the Allgäu region of Germany, we produce architectural wire mesh for the highest demands and versatile design options. Our wire cloth is used in the interior and exterior of residential and commercial properties and convinces with its appealing aesthetics and the robust materials of the highest quality. We stand for highest quality, reliability, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates. We would be happy to help you implement your project as well.

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